The Visible and Invisible Worlds of Salem

The existence of witchcraft is still a controversy. Many people might believe in it as I do, while others may believe it is all in our mind and what we make of it. Regardless of the reality, a series of events occurred in Salem in 1692 and many people died. These people were accused of being witches, having a relationship with Satan, practicing witchcraft, or being remotely related to those accused previously. Far apart from this, the real problem aroused when innocent people were accused and were killed. This time period was without any doubt very unfortunate and it definitely marked the history by cruelty and unfair deaths. There are many questions that arises, some of them are: Did witchcraft really existed around this time? If not, then why these girls behaved the way they did? Why did they accuse innocent people knowing that it would lead them to their death? And if it did exist, why did it become stronger at that time and then suddenly faded away? These questions have been asked by many answered by no one and it will remain a hidden secret but we will still attempt to answer them.

At the beginning of these events, the girls behavior was seen as an “illness” as mentioned in page 24 “He and other adults in the community had been greatly puzzled by the young women’s strange behavior; now they began viewing the illness not as a result of disease, but of crime” if their behavior was seen as illness then why all of a sudden change their mind. Further, the events that they mention and take into consideration during the trials are very weird and up to a certain point their beliefs are understandable since they couldn’t be explain. In page 4 this is clearly expressed, “The tale continued, complete with apparitions of black and red rats, a yellow dog with a head like a woman, ‘a thing all over hairy, all the face hairy, and a long nose’” this couldn’t be explained. I do believe in these events because I experienced “weird” events in Colombia, one of my friend’s girlfriend did some type of “dark witchcraft”, once we were both listening to music and we saw dark shadows and my friend grabbed holy water that his mom used to keep and he started praying and spilling the water around and soon after, the shadows left. This experience was very disturbing and it reaffirmed my beliefs about witchcraft.

Witchcraft might have existed back then, but I think that these people took it far beyond the limit and all the people who died, shouldn’t have died. Many people died as it is confirm in page 6, “…in August six more trials…five more hangings….September saw eight other victims hung with no end in sight” I believe that regardless of whether it was witchcraft or not, this shouldn’t have happened and it is by no means justified. The trials of the witches of Salem are series of events that can never be forgotten and it leaves a remarkable stain on our history as many other unfortunate events.

Kevin satizabal

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